CQ from AA1A / MM

In 1982 I took a break from the Broadcast Technical service business and hitched a ride on a 1000' container ship called the SeaLand Galloway, obtained the 6 month telegraph endorsement and ended up sailing till 1996. It was a good time and well worth the effort.. I knew it was the last of a long and interesting era of telegraphic communications from ships and that the job would become electronic in nature.. Sure enough CW is all but dead and many other forms of maritime communications now prevail..

Thanks to a global network of shore stations still using  Sitor and SSB, one can still communicate directly via H.F. worldwide.. Such a network is Globe Wireless..

Inmarsat, a consortium of world wide satellite links, provides voice, data, fax services to ships at sea..

73s and Calm Seas from Dave Riley AA1A